Watch this Soundlazer Video

If you aren’t sure what a parametric speaker is, this video will make it easy to understand.  There are no tricks here.  Watch as the audio bounces around like a laser beam.

First shipments going out now.

First shipments going out now.

All of the Soundlazer “kits” are ready to ship. We will be boxing them up over the weekend and should have them to the post office by Monday morning.

A few of the fully assembled units also arrived today.  I will start shipping these sometime next week.

This has been a fun project for me.  I hope that the backers enjoy playing with their Soundlazers as much as I have enjoyed working on it for the last two years.

I have always enjoyed inventing unusual, high-tech products in many different industries.  Keep your eyes out for a few more projects I have in the works which should show up on the internet soon.

Thank you once again to all of those that supported this project.


First Soundlazer off the assembly line

First Soundlazer off the assembly line

I received the first unit from the production run of Soundlazer. The aluminum housing, laser etching and electronics all came out better than anticipated. Now I just need to gear up to program and test each one as we begin shipments to all the Kickstarter backers.

Thank you to everyone at Kickstarter for helping bring this invention to life.

Some things are worth the wait!

Some things are worth the wait!

I know allot of you have been wondering what I have been up to with Soundlazer.

It”s been a long road but I am happy to say, that the first boards for approval have come off the assembly line and everything has tested to work perfectly. I will be signing off on the production run and blank and propagated boards should start arriving soon.

I have added a few features to the Soundlazer based on backer feedback. These include:

1) High / low power jumper for testing and extended listening.

2) Auto power off so that no ultrasonic energy is emitted unless there is an audio signal present.

3) Test tone output

4) Improved digital amplifier with more effiecint design.

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