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How To Make An LRAD With Arduino

The LRAD sound is part of a crowd control system also known as the Long Range Acoustic Device. It is used by law enforcement and government agencies worldwide as an alternative to lethal force. In the previous articles, we discussed exactly how the LRAD system works and even took one apart to see what was […]


Focused Speakers

A focused speaker is a device that generates mid to high-frequency audio in a narrow beam of soundwaves. Unlike low-frequency soundwaves, mid to high-frequency sound can be focused almost like a laser beam. These waves travel at long distances but are loudest at the center. They are only heard by those standing in front of the […]


Directional Speakers For Museums and Exhibits

Directional speakers like the Soundlazer have many possible uses that can make the distribution of information much more efficient and eliminate the unnecessary stray sounds that can occur with the standard speakers. Directional speakers, or┬áparametric speakers, work in such a way that they distribute soundwaves over a small area like a laser beam. That is […]


Crowd Control Devices

Crowd control devices are tools and non-lethal weapons that are used by the police and other authorities when crowds riot or civilian unrest occurs. In many cases, they can help resolve a situation peacefully. Police and military also use crowd control devices to deescalate hostile situations. Crowd control devices can be effective technologies when compared […]


Non-Lethal Acoustic Weapons

We have already talked about non-lethal weapons in general. Here, we will focus on the acoustic non-lethal weapons and analyze some of the types of non-lethal weapons that use sound as a deterrent. We will learn how they work, their purpose, and some of their history. A non-lethal acoustic weapon is a tool or a […]