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Non Lethal Weapons

Non-lethal weapons are growing in popularity with police forces and even the military in recent years. Police most commonly use them for crowd control and riots, but they can also be instrumental in demobilizing or disorienting enemy military forces without killing them. But what exactly are non-lethal weapons, and in which contexts can they be […]


LRAD Sound

The LRAD sound is an uncomfortable audible deterrent tone that travels very long distances within a narrow beam of focused soundwaves.  The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) was developed by American Technology Corporation (Now Genasys) and is a popular crowd control tool used by government agencies, law enforcement, and marine companies worldwide. The warning tones produced by the […]


What is a Soundwave?

Soundwaves are produced whenever any material vibrates. The vibration of the material causes the surrounding air, water, or other media to vibrate as well. Sound is the propagation of that vibration through a medium like air. A sound is not a thing that moves through space. Instead, sound waves are a ripple effect of vibration […]


Eurorack Synthesizer Modules Being Released Now

Shop Eurorack Modules HERE We are continuing to release new Eurorack modules at prices that are lower than all other completed units available on the market. If you are a musical instrament, synthesizer or Eurorack related reseller we offer quantity discount prcing that is very attractive and focused on increasing your profit margins. Please visit […]