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Ultrasonic Cone for focusing the audio beam

For those of you that have access to a 3D printer, you can print out this ultrasonic array to test the directional properties of ultrasonic waves.   It uses sixteen (16) of the larger piezo emitters and focuses the beam very nicely. The 3D STL model can be found HERE:  

The Soundlazer Kit that is available when you make a pledge on Kickstarter

This “Kit” is actually a fully functional Soundlazer circuit board with power supply and audio cable.  This is a low cost way to get started experimenting with ultrasonic sound waves and parametric speaker technology. All the schematics, instructions and other information will be made available on this website once the project is successfully funded.

Open Source and programmable

The Soundlazer has a built in programming port that interfaces with Analog Device’s Sigma Studio DSP developing environment.  An easy to use graphical interface allow you to create your own custom filters, compressors and other sound shaping algorithms to improve or change the characteristics of the sound beam any way you like.  The Soundlazer is […]