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Eurorack Modules Are Here

Yes, we heard your requests and have started to release our new Eurorack sound modules. Our designs are modern and built to last. Like all Soundlazer products, we plan on making these modules available at prices that are affordable to everyone. Reseller opportunities are available so get in while these are new to the market!

Cone of Silence from the Get Smart TV series.

The technology of Soundlazer VR

A New Approach To Directional Sound There have been many failed attempts over the years by companies and individuals around the world to create a device that delivers high quality directional audio. Acrylic dome speakers, ultrasonic parametric speakers and even simple tubes have all been used to project audio into a tight beam where only […]

VRof Sound

Coming Soon!

This technology will change the way you listen to music forever! Over two years of research and development has gone into the new Soundlazer VR. We believe that this new directional speaker system will revolutionize the way people experience sound in their office or home. You no longer have to worry about disturbing others around […]


Whisper Sound Bar now available

This tiny sound bar delivers a very narrow beam so only the people standing directly in front of it can hear the audio.  The Whisper bar represents a new concept in directional audio and we hope to see it put to use around the world in museums, advertisements and public displays.   Find out more HERE