Invention Therapy

This section of our website will be dedicated to inventors. We will be showing you all the methods, tricks and secrets we use to turn our inventions into reality.

We have already started recording some great new videos to help you get started with inventing new products.

Please visit our Youtube Channel.


Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • How to turn your invention idea into a reality.
  • Building a prototype.
  • How to come up with ideas that people want to buy.
  • Start inventing for profit.
  • There is no better time than now.
  • Stop talking and start working on your business idea.
  • The right timing can change everything.
  • How to properly price your product.
  • A brief discussion on patents.
  • Understanding how much investment is needed.
  • Offer discounts to your customers to increase sales.
  • The world and not just the USA is your customer.
  • Being a part time inventor is a great way to live.