Directional Sound Ultrasonic Amplifier


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Product Description

Great for custom installations with multiple transducer arrays.  Drives up to 200 piezo transducers of either the 10mm or 16mm size.  Use any combination of our 25, 50 or 100 transducer boards.

Digital Signal Processor for the best possible sound.

With over two years of testing and development behind us, the Soundlazer Pro Amp contains the latest algorithms and DSP technology to deliver the crispest and best sounding directional ultrasonic audio of any product on the market.  In addition, our technology is less than half the price of any similar competing product.

Tech Specs

  • 12VDC power input.
  • Drives up to 200 ultrasonic transducers.
  • 120/240 VAC power adapter included.
  • 3.5mm stereo line level input from iPod or other audio source (audio cable included).
  • 4″ (102mm) wide X 5″ (127mm) deep X 1.5″ (38mm) height metal cases.


Here is a link to the Soundlazer Pro Amp User’s Guide.

Requires one or more of the parametric speaker boards shown below to produce directional sound.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in

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