#SL-01 open source parametric speaker


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Product Description

The Soundlazer uses ultrasonic carrier waves to transmit audio to listeners in a focused beam of sound.  Generally speaking, only the person standing in front of a parametric speaker like the Soundlazer can hear the audio being transmitted.  People to the sides of the parametric source hear little or no sound.

This Open Source Parametric Speaker is hackable. While you learn, you can focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head!

Looking for something nice to sit on your desk while learning about parametric audio?  This is the product that went viral on Kickstarter and created a revolution in sound.

Our Flagship product.  This is the one that started it all!

Most speakers are designed to throw sound as far and loud as possible. Soundlazer is a parametric speaker that is more like a laser beam with the sound focused at high intensity into a relatively small area.  The result is that two people can be standing only a few feet apart from each other yet only one of them will hear the sound waves emanating from the parametric audio source.

Updated version of the original

We continue to improve each of our products along the way.  The Soundlazer SL-01 has all the same new and improved technology as our other products in an open source design.

Digital Signal Processor for the best possible sound.

The Soundlazer #SL-01 contains our latest algorithms and DSP technology to deliver the crispest and best sounding directional ultrasonic audio of any product on the market.  In addition, our technology is less than half the price of any similar competing product.

Many Uses

  • Use your imagination: The effects of parametric speakers are not only a great demonstration of how sound propagates through air but also offer many useful applications. Some examples are:
  • Fun with friends: The Soundlazer is simply a cool gadget to play with.
  • Ambient Background Sound:  Put the Soundlazer behind a plant or table in a room and “beam” background sounds or music into the room.  Unlike other speakers, the Soundlazer will create virtual sound sources around the room.
  • Showroom Floors:  Beam important product information, advertisements or promotions quietly and discreetly to individual customers in your store.
  • Animatronics and Displays: By pointing the Soundlazer at a stuffed animal, animated display or other object, the sound will appear come directly from the object the Soundlazer is pointed at.
  • Public Safety: Warning selected people in a group of localized dangers or obstructions.
  • Advertising: Selective billboards where only the person in front of a particular ad can hear the message.
  • Security and Alarms: Clear and precise messages regarding break-ins, fires and other emergencies.

And there are many more uses!


Tech Specs

  • 12VDC power input
  • 120dB ultrasonic output
  • 120/240 VAC power adapter included
  • 3.5mm stereo line level input from iPod or other audio source (audio cable included)
  • All design information, schematics and firmware included.

Approximate usable range indoors: 30.0 feet (9.1 meters) with a beam size of around 3 feet (0.9 meter)

Outdoor range varies with weather conditions such as wind and temperature.

Firmware on the SL-01 can be customized via Sigma Studio using the cable found HERE

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in