Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)


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Product Description

Every Eurorack modular system needs at least one, if not a few VCAs. This modern designed VCA is based on the THAT 2181 Series integrated-circuit voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs). They are very high performance current-in/current-out devices with two opposing-polarity, voltage-sensitive control ports. The Soundlazer VCA offers a wide range exponential control of gain and attenuation with low signal distortion.

  • Fully Assembled.
  • 4 HP width.
  • Lighted input and output jacks.
  • Adjustable audio signal input offset.
  • Adjustable CV input gain.
  • Symmetry adjust via recessed trimpot. (access without removing panel)
  • Low Distortion: ~ 0.0025
  • Wide Dynamic Range: >120 dB
  • Wide Gain Range: >130 dB
  • Fits In Standard Eurorack cases.
  • +12V/-12V Power Input.
  • Power consumption less than 20mA (.020A) +/- 12 volts.
  • 100% Analog Circuits.

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