The technology of Soundlazer VR

A New Approach To Directional Sound

There have been many failed attempts over the years by companies and individuals around the world to create a device that delivers high quality directional audio. Acrylic dome speakers, ultrasonic parametric speakers and even simple tubes have all been used to project audio into a tight beam where only a small number of people can hear the sound emitted from its source.

One of the most famous ideas comes from the 1960’s TV show Get Smart. The Cone of Silence was a comical attempt to illustrate how two people could be surrounded by acrylic spheres to keep their conversations private. This type of system wasn’t exactly practical but did make for amusing television. Unfortunately, this low tech approach also appears to be the inspiration for a few modern attempts at directional sound. A large dome that looks like a hair dryer isn’t a very pleasing or practical thing to install in public spaces.

Cone of Silence from the Get Smart TV series.

Cone of Silence from the Get Smart TV series.

Patent Pending Technology

The new Soundlazer VR is in innovation in technology that uses a planar array to focus sound to a specific area. Planar arrays are most commonly found in advanced satellite or radar systems. These arrays consist of many tiny transducers that are lined up in straight rows and all on the same plane or surface. The signals that are emitted from the individual transducers combine to focus a signal to a specific area. Soundlazer VR uses our patent pending planar array design to focus sound waves directly at the listener’s ears. The perceived sound is over four times louder directly beneath the Soundlazer VR and can barely be heard in other places around the room.

Girl at Computer with SoundlazerVR

Soundlazer VR uses a focused planar array to deliver stereo sound directly to the listener’s ears.

High Fidelity Directional Audio

The Soundlazer VR is an innovation in high quality, directional stereo sound. A audiophile grade wood enclosure along with a sound focusing reflector delivers a whole new type of audio experience. The frequency range of this new stereo directional speaker is an astonishing 150Hz to 20,000Hz. The diffused nature of the planar array combined with the focused sound beam offers one of the most pleasing types of desktop audio. Fatigue normally caused by using headphones for long periods of time is virtual eliminated. Users of the Soundlazer VR are sure to become addicted to this type of audio listening and may never go back to using headphones while at home or the office.


Other people in the house will no longer be disturbed by those intense gaming sessions.

Soundlazer VR is the perfect choice for delivering high quality gaming sound without disturbing others in the house. Simply hang it over your seats or at your desk to be immersed in your own private gaming cloud of sound.

The Soundlazer VR connects to any Bluetooth audio source and is powered by a standard 120/240VAC power adapter. Safe DC voltage is delivered to the Soundlazer VR via its hanging cables so that no ugly wires are visible.

Soundlazer VR Technical Specifications

  • 24.0″ (61 cm) Long X 10.2″ (26 cm) Wide or 18.0″ (46 cm) Long X 10.2″ (26 cm) Wide.
  • Dual patent pending planar array drivers for stereo sound.
  • Transparent acrylic linear parabolic reflector.
  • Wireless Bluetooth audio input.
  • 15 watt, 2 channel amplifier built in.
  • Maximum peak output per channel: 15 watts.
  • SPL 1W/0.5M 75dB. Frequency response: 150Hz-20kHz.*
  • Supply Voltage 10-24VDC.  12VDC 2 Amp minimum recommended.
  • Universal 120/240VAC power supply with hanging cables included.
  • Hanging weight of 18″ (46 cm) Soundlazer VR – 3 pounds, 6 ounces (1.50 KG)
  • Hanging weight of 24″ (61 cm) Soundlazer VR – 4 pounds, 10 ounces. (2.1 KG)

Soundlazer VR – A new experience in sound.